The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

We are non denominational  Self funded Ministry. We started in 2013 January in Mandaue Cebu and later in Palawan Philippines. Because of the Deceptions of the Last Days Revealed as He promised in these last Days like no Third Temple, Last Trump , Babylon is Fallen Fallen, and the Flat Earth we have chosen to consolidate our emphasis into two Ministries one reaching Philippines  and the USA via Internet.  We  Seek to reach the Lost and edify the Saved through the PROMOTION OF BIBLE TEACHING RELEVANT  TO THE LAST DAYS i.e. BIBLE READING/TEACHING AND SCRIPTURE MEMORIZATION. We also have Many  You Tube’s  studies of Various Topics Relevant to the Bible and Christian Living and of course the End Times or Last Days. Our Emphasis is to prepare and alert the World’s Christians to the imminent danger in our perilous End Times and the fact that all signs point to Tribulation and at its end the Rapture and Coming Kingdom of God on Earth known as the Millennium.



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