The Suns Speed When Combined with Hebrew Gematria Reveals Many Mystery Truths of the Last Days

Speed of the sun reveals so many truths about the Last Days. If you don’t understand the flat earth you may miss Jesus Return coming in 2022. The Gematria of Jesus 888 is shown in the speed of the sun twice a year. (July 14 and May 14 Sun is traveling at 888 MPH each year). Trumps Tweet of Operation Alice in Wonderland came when the sun was 3962 miles from North Pole and height above sea level =3364 miles above. (when you adjust that with the Gods magic 3760 years of Hebrew years from Creation you get 3760-3364=396.) there for the tweet that started Noah trump time line November 16,2017 was Marked by two 396’s the number tesla said if we understood this would explain everything in the Universe… Another few dates of Note 911 mph on Aug. 8 and on Dec. 10 the sun is matching the Daniel (: last days number with a speed of 1260 MPH. to calculate these speeds you just need to understand the 10.84 mile distance the sun moves away and towards the north pole in between its boundaries i.e. Tropic of Cancer and tropic of Capricorn. This information will bring the wrath of the Occult as this is highly secret information that God revealed to us in Honor of Acts 2:17. The other information the Occult has forgotten even though they have deceived most of the World with the Globe Deception. Jesus Still returns and kills them as the enemies of the real Jews(Black long Beards typically) not the Ashkenazi Rothschild Jews…

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