Leeland Jones House of David (How to Access Heaven in the last Days)

1 Leeland Messages on the House of David 2 Leeland 4 patterns of temples we need to come out of World and be Separate 3 Leeland = 7 Church Angels -House of David Part 9 4 Leeland_12 Apostles Sit to Judge Bride, 288k virgins, 144k wise, Lamb reigns 5 Leeland_Porter in the treasury room of heaven and how to Open closed doors 6 Leeland_6 Seats in House of David – Joseph – Overcomer Rewards 7 Leeland _7 New Jerusalem Wall 12 Gates, 2 8 Leeland _Key to Jehoiada and the 4 carpenters 9 leeland_Kings & Priests in Order of Melchizedek 10 Leeland_Jesus Name is Alpha and Omega in Greek 11 Leeland_Lamb Reigns 1260 days=4 Cherubim Lion, Ox, Man, Eagle 12 Leeland_Sophia = Speaking Statue= Abomination of Desolation=11-11-2021 13 Leeland_House of David = Born of Zion 14 Leelamd_Revelation of the tribes and the rulers and the order of New Jerusalem 15 Leeland_ House of David P15 Towla the Crimson Worm 16 Leeland_ Mahanaim – 2 Camps – House of David Pt16 17 Leeland_ House of David Pt17 Army 12 Camps 18 leeland_ House of David Pt18 Four Spirits of the Heavens 19 Leeland_ Elijah’s Army – House of David Pt19 20 Leeland_Who are the 24 Elders The Key is the House of David! 21 Leeland_Who are the 144,000 New Jerusalem – House of David Pt21 22 Leeland_Meaning of the names of the book of Ruth tell the story of Gods Redemption!!!

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