Giza Pyramid and the Revealed Truth in the Angles for the Last Days!

This is a Special Last days Revelation that exposes Sacred Geometry of the Occult as Gods Hidden wisdom encoded in His Witness and Testimony the Giza Pyramid. Isaiah 19:19,20 tells of his witness and Testimony at the edge of Egypt and Giza is that and was designed by God and probably build by Enoch as the project manager. The angles of the Flat Earth Last Days Revealed Universe tell so much of the Squaring the circle concept. The 5 degrees revealing the location of the Throne of God. The Christ Angle is so dominate in the Pyramid and it also points to Mount Sinai and Bethlehem. The other angles all have their importance. The Most important might be the Pyramid that is revealed in the USA Dollar bill 13 level Pyramid. The Take over we believe is already in process with so many false flags that most Christians cannot decipher between God’s climate change and the lies of the Media. We hope you will see our web pages for more details as this is our expertise ie the Flat Earth Design development and exposing to the Deceived public. Jesus will return some time in the Fall of 2024 of early 2025 fulfilling all the prophecies of the bible so be prepared to be an overcomer. If you think this is bogus then you don’t respect Satan’s control of millions of masons and their brothers who commit their soul to know the truth of the flat earth. We offer this for free so if you don’t have the ability to see this then just know the trouble coming that started in 11-22-2018 in France Bumble Bee riots will escalate starting on March 29, 2019/ April 2, 2019 (Passover) is all to prepare the way for the Antichrist…

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