World Wide 911 is Coming Between March 29 and April 3, 2019

This Video is the truth of the upcoming chaos to be unleashed between March 29, 2019 and 4-3,2019. The wisdome included in this video is thanks to revelations from God and stealing from masons who so brazenly showed their secrets on the web. The video is a culmination of 6 years of Ministry and research into the return of Jesus. We started in 2013 where we thought his return was to be in 2019. Since this time we have grown to learn that there is actually a 14 year time frame of the last days thanks to a tribute called Leeland Jones. He taught us so much however he leaves many voids in this teaching and never summarizes the truths. We take his truths and summarize as the last days started at the start of the 9th and final perfect tetrad. In this video you will see the development of the concept of the next 911 as revealed by god to this servant of God. We know Youtube limits access to our videos and ministry in an attempt to keep the truths hidden especially Jesus return and the flat earth truths. Here we show you the scam of 911 and then develop the fact that the last days are really the work of the evil one is Prov. 16:4 with the good news in Prov. 16:33. The truth is that most everyone has been deceived ie Matt. 24:24 and see not the truth. Our ministry is to those who can open their hearts to GODS Revealed TRUTHS Ie Acts 2:17. We show that the rich oppressors are openly showing their cards of the last days in Gematria from the movies released in Hollywood. We also show some more truths about the flat earth and the sun and moon movements. We pray you chose to be an over comers and wait for Jesus return in the fall of 2024 and not follow the Antichrist coming August 24th of 2019.

Giza Pyramid and the Revealed Truth in the Angles for the Last Days!

This is a Special Last days Revelation that exposes Sacred Geometry of the Occult as Gods Hidden wisdom encoded in His Witness and Testimony the Giza Pyramid. Isaiah 19:19,20 tells of his witness and Testimony at the edge of Egypt and Giza is that and was designed by God and probably build by Enoch as the project manager. The angles of the Flat Earth Last Days Revealed Universe tell so much of the Squaring the circle concept. The 5 degrees revealing the location of the Throne of God. The Christ Angle is so dominate in the Pyramid and it also points to Mount Sinai and Bethlehem. The other angles all have their importance. The Most important might be the Pyramid that is revealed in the USA Dollar bill 13 level Pyramid. The Take over we believe is already in process with so many false flags that most Christians cannot decipher between God’s climate change and the lies of the Media. We hope you will see our web pages for more details as this is our expertise ie the Flat Earth Design development and exposing to the Deceived public. Jesus will return some time in the Fall of 2024 of early 2025 fulfilling all the prophecies of the bible so be prepared to be an overcomer. If you think this is bogus then you don’t respect Satan’s control of millions of masons and their brothers who commit their soul to know the truth of the flat earth. We offer this for free so if you don’t have the ability to see this then just know the trouble coming that started in 11-22-2018 in France Bumble Bee riots will escalate starting on March 29, 2019/ April 2, 2019 (Passover) is all to prepare the way for the Antichrist…

Israel and its Coming Destruction and Definition as Mystery Babylon!

Please enjoy our latest warning. Israel and its Coming Destruction and Definition as Mystery Babylon. In this movie we made a compilation of information from two of our Favorite Last Days Ministries  “Parable of the Vineyard” and the other is an End time favorite “Leeland Jones Youtube channel”. Of Course we add the details of the actual Ezekiel’s temple and the truth of the work God is doing during the four Carpenters ministry. The Killing of some of Gods enemies John McCain, Rockefeller, HW Bush. For those that follow the majority of the Christian churches in America you don’t even know you are in the last days. Simple truth is that the last days started on 12-21-2010 and will finish in early 2025. Or Ministry is mainly to Americans still embracing the Globe earth deception and not seeing the  daily deceptions in the News Media. We predicted a year ago with the Trump tweet of 11-16,2017 that Chaos would  start on 11-22-2018. ( anniversary of JFKs assassination in front of the mason temple in Dallas Texas. Sure enough it went wild in France Bumble bee riots financed by George Saros. We now warn you Leeland has announced the date of the Antichrist sitting on Aug. 24, 2019 and that means Chaos must escalate exponentially so the world is ready to embrace him. On March 29, 2019 the Brexit Vote deadline comes on the same day as Trumps 100 days to Leave Syria. Wow Is it death to the neighbors of Israel or is it death to Israel. This video thanks to Leeland clearly shows Jerusalem in Israel as Mystery Babylon. We are not sure if the “Parable of the Vineyards” interpretation of Eze. 36:5 will be revenged by God at this point or after the antichrist sits in August. Either way we are living in the last days and you better start home bible schools in order to search the truth. If you want our web pages have been screened to remove any false teaching ie Rapture, flat earth miss directions by Masons playing to be sincere but really just there to cause confusion. Please visit our Lastdaysand and or

1-21-2019 Blood Moon is a Sign of the Little Apocalypse against Israel’s Neighbors

  • 21 -2019 Blood Moon is a Sign of the Little Apocalypse against Israel’s Neighbors is starting with Trump and his Syrian Pull Out and the Brexit timing all matched up (3-29-2019).  This blood moon is the last of the 22 buds of Aaron’s rod. The blood moons have been decoded on the flat earth proving that the only angle they can occur at is 26. 56 degrees between the sun and the moon and they must be directly across from each other with the North Pole between them. We believe these revelations and others in this video are a must see for those that don’t understand the flat earth and those that are blinded by the idea that we are not in the last days. Subjects include Melchezedek a type of Christ and all the relations of Blood moons and their connection to Jesus the Last days… The connections take you to the obvious and not so obvious especially if you are new to the Flat earth but all is life changing and will edify your spirit during these last days. God wants you not to be ignorant….

The Suns Speed When Combined with Hebrew Gematria Reveals Many Mystery Truths of the Last Days

Speed of the sun reveals so many truths about the Last Days. If you don’t understand the flat earth you may miss Jesus Return coming in 2022. The Gematria of Jesus 888 is shown in the speed of the sun twice a year. (July 14 and May 14 Sun is traveling at 888 MPH each year). Trumps Tweet of Operation Alice in Wonderland came when the sun was 3962 miles from North Pole and height above sea level =3364 miles above. (when you adjust that with the Gods magic 3760 years of Hebrew years from Creation you get 3760-3364=396.) there for the tweet that started Noah trump time line November 16,2017 was Marked by two 396’s the number tesla said if we understood this would explain everything in the Universe… Another few dates of Note 911 mph on Aug. 8 and on Dec. 10 the sun is matching the Daniel (: last days number with a speed of 1260 MPH. to calculate these speeds you just need to understand the 10.84 mile distance the sun moves away and towards the north pole in between its boundaries i.e. Tropic of Cancer and tropic of Capricorn. This information will bring the wrath of the Occult as this is highly secret information that God revealed to us in Honor of Acts 2:17. The other information the Occult has forgotten even though they have deceived most of the World with the Globe Deception. Jesus Still returns and kills them as the enemies of the real Jews(Black long Beards typically) not the Ashkenazi Rothschild Jews…