1-21-2019 Blood Moon is a Sign of the Little Apocalypse against Israel’s Neighbors

  • 21 -2019 Blood Moon is a Sign of the Little Apocalypse against Israel’s Neighbors is starting with Trump and his Syrian Pull Out and the Brexit timing all matched up (3-29-2019).  This blood moon is the last of the 22 buds of Aaron’s rod. The blood moons have been decoded on the flat earth proving that the only angle they can occur at is 26. 56 degrees between the sun and the moon and they must be directly across from each other with the North Pole between them. We believe these revelations and others in this video are a must see for those that don’t understand the flat earth and those that are blinded by the idea that we are not in the last days. Subjects include Melchezedek a type of Christ and all the relations of Blood moons and their connection to Jesus the Last days… The connections take you to the obvious and not so obvious especially if you are new to the Flat earth but all is life changing and will edify your spirit during these last days. God wants you not to be ignorant….

Leeland Jones House of David (How to Access Heaven in the last Days)

1 Leeland Messages on the House of David 2 Leeland 4 patterns of temples we need to come out of World and be Separate 3 Leeland = 7 Church Angels -House of David Part 9 4 Leeland_12 Apostles Sit to Judge Bride, 288k virgins, 144k wise, Lamb reigns 5 Leeland_Porter in the treasury room of heaven and how to Open closed doors 6 Leeland_6 Seats in House of David – Joseph – Overcomer Rewards 7 Leeland _7 New Jerusalem Wall 12 Gates, 2 8 Leeland _Key to Jehoiada and the 4 carpenters 9 leeland_Kings & Priests in Order of Melchizedek 10 Leeland_Jesus Name is Alpha and Omega in Greek 11 Leeland_Lamb Reigns 1260 days=4 Cherubim Lion, Ox, Man, Eagle 12 Leeland_Sophia = Speaking Statue= Abomination of Desolation=11-11-2021 13 Leeland_House of David = Born of Zion 14 Leelamd_Revelation of the tribes and the rulers and the order of New Jerusalem 15 Leeland_ House of David P15 Towla the Crimson Worm 16 Leeland_ Mahanaim – 2 Camps – House of David Pt16 17 Leeland_ House of David Pt17 Army 12 Camps 18 leeland_ House of David Pt18 Four Spirits of the Heavens 19 Leeland_ Elijah’s Army – House of David Pt19 20 Leeland_Who are the 24 Elders The Key is the House of David! 21 Leeland_Who are the 144,000 New Jerusalem – House of David Pt21 22 Leeland_Meaning of the names of the book of Ruth tell the story of Gods Redemption!!!